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A New Professional Website

KARUNY have been designing websites for the last 8 years. We are building websites in WordPress and Joomla and we are happy to help you find out what suits you best.

We have quite some experience to create websites for different target markets like Schools, Carehomes, NGO’s Small Business and Sole Traders.

To be able to price a website project we need some information from you about size of website and if you have any design request.

As a thumb rule a landing page costs $250, simple sole trader website would start on $400, a small school / carehome from $700 and bigger sites for NGO’s and other larger sites from $1000

If you have got a graphical designer to draw up the layout, please submit this to us so we can come with an offer. This are normally more expensive as they are very detailed predefined style and this will affect the time we have to spend making it.


What we need from you?

The more you supply us, the more we know your expectations and the easier it is for us to price the project.

When it has all been agreed, you have to supply

  • Some examples of website you think is nice
  • Your color Scheme (max 3-5 colors)
  • A Site Map (the menu ponts)
  • Your Logo
  • Graphical Ilustrations (if needed)
  • Pictures of high resolution for featured images in slideshow, full screen etc.
  • Pictures in ok quality to show what you do, pictures from the place, activites, products,
  • Testemonials if you have
  • Text for all articles
  • Contact Details for Contact form
  • Any PDF or files visitors should be able to download

Some of the above can sound a little hard to get started on if you don’t have more experiences in it. We are happy to advice you, come with suggestions for all the above points.
We do suggest strongly that you send your own logo, but if you do not have one, we can make a temporary one for you as this is part of your branding and not a webdesign task.


What about Support?

When we deliver you the website, you still have 6 months cover on redesign and new features as long as they are within the initial ordered features. If you need examples on what we mean, please write us on support@karuny.com. During this time we will also teach you to use the website and update it with text and photos.

However the task of managing a website can be a high mountain to climb for some. In this case why do you not let us do all your updates, upload, redesign, improvement , SEO (how to come up in Google) and more.

Below you can see the different hosting / support packets we have:

Wordpress or Joomla?

Some consideration when selecting Content Management System. Select the best for you. If you are in doubt, please write is on support@karuny.com and we will try to help answering this question

Click here to see more examples from websites we have made

Pricing (Billed Annually)

Plans For Every Need

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