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 A design team with 10+ years of experience within Joomla and WordPress are ready to help your business grow.webdesign illustration

We know that in order to succed, you need to stand out have an inviting website that looks nice no matter what device you use. A very important aspect of having a website is that its found in Google. We therefore during the process, gives a lot of advise and help you write your content with the right teqniques so its found on Google in local and national searches. We include a basic Search Engine Optimiation as part of our design proces and offer additional support packets for securing high ranking on your business name and keywords important for your business.


The process from Idea to new website

    • Tell us about your website, what its for and the profile of your business or institution and the name

    • Let us know the colors you like (normally up to 3)

    • If you have some Pictures, send them to us

    • Any Function you want? (Slideshow, Gallery, Testemonials, Contact Form etc)

    • Any other information that would be usefull for us in order to make a suggestion

    your suggestions

    • We will transfer all your ideas into reality

    • We make a layout suggestions

    • We can suggest what CMS is best for the work or you can decide if you have preferences

    • We send you a link to something you can see, to find out if we are working in the right direction

    • We will ask you to send us your texts and pictures and other material

    • We will use about a week to set it all up

    • Fast communication back and forward about new decisions and new ideas

    • We complete the work within 10 days (if you have been able to supply the material needed)

    • We hold a skype meeting with shared desktop so we can discuss the website

    • We write down comment and what need to be changed or altered

    • within 3 days we will complete and ready for final viewing

    • You give your final Go Ahead

    • We put site live overnight

    • We then setup statistics and Google Webmaster Tolls and give you access to all

    • You then still have 30 days to check the website and we can make changes if needed

    • Project Completed :)