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From the 24th of March to 1st of April Karuny will work on migrating the mail for customers who stays with Karuny on annual contract or monthly contract.
During this period there can be small interruption but mostly this will happen out of hours. It will not affect your inbox and no mail will be lost.
We expect down time Saturday the 24th of March from 22.00 to Sunday morning at 06.00
We have chosen to make the move here so we don’t move on the last day in case we run into challenges and then we can reach to fix that before e-advice closes its servers the 31.03 at 23.59
If all goes well this will complete the migration process and mail server will be running on Karuny’s Servers.

What will be the URL for my webmail?

https://smtp.e-advice.dk  will still work until the end of 2018 and from 1st of January https://smtp.karuny.com  should be used. In this end we deal with one challenge at the time to make the moving process easier for you.


What happens to my e-mails?

All mails stored on the server on the day of move, will be moved over to Karuny, so you will not lose any mails.


Do I have to change my settings in my Mail Program?

We do expect you to be able to continue with the same settings as before the move, so if all goes to plan, when you check mails Sunday morning the 24th, you will not be able to see the difference. It should just work. The current settings will work until end of 2018, so before that you will need to do some changes in your settings, but we expect this to happen towards the end of the year, so there is plenty of time

What Problem can I expect?

  • My Mail is not working Sunday Morning the 24th
    The night of 23rd of March we will make some changes that normally takes some hours to be updated worldwide. It can actually take up to 24 hours. So when you wake up In the morning of 24th and if its not working, check for update on www.facebook.dk/karunyhosting to see if its just a question for you to wait or if there is a general issue. The time it takes for your Internet Provider to catch the new settings is outside our control, but on average it should work within few hours.

  • My Mail Program is download all mails one more time. There are 1000’s of them
    This can happen for some of you. You have 2000 mails in your inbox. When you connect it downloads them again. This is not a server setting but a mail client settings. Some are more sensitive to the changes than others so the changing of a physical server some will see as new mails and others will understand that it’s the same inbox and not download. Anyway, its quite easy to fix in most mail programs.

    You can wait for the mail program to download all the mails. When done, sort your mails based on “Unread”. The top mails might be new and legitimate so please check them, but you will soon run into all mails you already have in your inbox, so now you can mark all of them and click “delete”. This will delete all Unread mails and in this way all the duplicate mails will be deleted so you keep a clean inbox

  • AIf you experience any other problems, please get in touch with us on Skype: mortenabra or use our live “we are online” chat on our website www.karuny.com

We do expect this move to go very smooth. If you are having issues with your mail client, please remember that your webmail will always work so you can use that temporary until the issue has been resolved

Kind Regards
Morten Abrahamsen





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We are looking forward to a fantastic partnership with you

Morten Abrahamsen, Director