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Karuny have a 24/7 support using our ticket system for any question or issue covered within the hosting product you have chosen. We do also aim to answer questions not covered within your product but respond time might be a little longer. We aim to reply all customers within 24 hours.


We offer 2 Web Support Products:

With most hosting comanies you pay a basic hosting fee and then the rest is up to you.

We knowledge that the word of hosting can be quite challenging if you have no experience or lack of time Therefore KARUNY Solutions offers various hosting products to suit your needs. Below you can see an overview over our Support Products:

CMS Support - (WordPress & Joomla)

We give you all covered in Hosting and Hosting +

This packet is best solution for customer who has used us for their webdesign. We then offer to do all the upload of articles, pictures and documents to the website for you.

All you do is to send it to us and we get it uploaded same day or latest within 72hours depending on how urgent you need it

Be aware new development of the site is not included in this price. It supports the features installed on your website when it was delivered to you

Webmaster Support - (WordPress & Joomla)

Making a website and put it online is just the start. If you want to have a successfull website there are many tasks that you need to consider and some of them is not straight forward if you do not have the experience. Below is listed some tasks that should be part of a route for a webmaster

  • Setup and Monitoring Analytics to have statistics for the performance of your site, see what works and what does not
  • Setup and Monitoring Google Webmaster Tool. This will show on what keyword Google suggest your website as a search option + other ranking related tools
  • Redesign parts of website not working
  • Cut and Crop all images to secure high image quality
  • Upload articles and pictures
  • Make sure sharing options throughout your website
  • Prepare all articles for Social Media Share (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Update WordPress & Joomla when security releases become available
  • Keep up to date all plugins when security releases are available
  • Backup your site and monitor IP blocking lists to prevent hacker attack / restore and fix if it still happens
  • Mail administrator, create, reset password
  • Secure that website always look good on PC and Phone
  • and more……….


Can we help if you don’t have Support?

If you have an issue and need help, you can always contact us. Customer with no contract will be charged $40 an hour for us to work on your problem.
To make it easy and transparent, you can open a ticket with us (add logins if we need) and we will give you an estimate if it is something we can do. Then you only pay if the issue is resolved.


Wordpress or Joomla?

Some consideration when selecting Content Management System. Select the best for you. If you are in doubt, please write is on support@karuny.com and we will try to help answering this question

Overview over Support Plans

Pricing (Billed Annually)

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