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Web and Mail Support

your suggestionsRunning a Successfull website is not a straight forward task. Running a Website is easy but running a successfull website is much more demanding. There are many areas of work you would need to learn, understand how to use them and actually do the work. The tag cloud to the left here is full of concepts you would need to famiiliar yourself with in order to run a successfull website

KARUNY Solution offers to make it easier for your to achieve your goals. We have developed some support solutions to suit your needs. We offer all from ticket and mail support to full webmaster support where we do all the work for you so you will have a successfull website that also is found on Google

Below You can see the different support solution we offer




Moving Mail and Hosting?

Relax, We do it for you FOR FREE!!morten web

  • We move your Zimbra Mail to our Cloud Server (only available for Zimbra)
  • We move your Website to our Amazon Cloud Server
  • We move DNS Hosting (your domain name) to your own accout and we manage it for you.

AND we give you price match + 20% discount

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We are looking forward to a fantastic partnership with you

Morten Abrahamsen, Director