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Zimbra is the World's Leading Open Source Email Collaboration Solution and guess what?

We have it!

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Zimbra has all the build in features you would need for your institution or business.

Here are some of the features:

Zimbra is more than just a Mail Solution. As its a Collaboration Suite it has tonnes of additional features making your day to day much easier

  • Webmail and its own Zimbra Desktop Application
  • Easy to setup on Phone and other mail clients (Like Outlook)
  • Calendar you can share on many levels within your institution. Can also integrate calendar in Outlook
  • Away Notes, Forwards, Mulitlingual, Additional Spam Settings are some of the settings in Preferences
  • Task list
  • Share Mail folders within your organization (Example: Job Applications)
  • Share Mail forder with external users with different permissions (All involved in a project development)
  • Integrated PGP (Instructions on howto can be found here:PGP On Zimbra (Youtube)
  • Integrated OwnCloud Drive. Read about our OwnCloud Here

Why Choose us?

  • Secure mail solution with fallback servers
  • Cheapest Business Mail Solutions (£1 montly pr account pr.month)
  • Personal Support and help to move mail, set it up and quick responds if you need help
  • GDPR Compliant Setup
  • We can comunicate in: English, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Hungarian