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SmartBin Collection Suite from Karuny.com

Smart Collection is the ultimate tool to manage Cloth Collection and other Recycle Collections. The Application covers all aspect of your collection so you can manage it all from one application. Smart Collection is a web application with many features and benefit that will help you to increase your productivity in your collection, improve container management and get an overview over your collection with detailed statistics. With Smart Collection, you will get a product that suits your needs and if you have a wish list of features where some are not included we can most likely add them for you. 

Data Collected in the application are stored on a server environment that is GDPR Compatible. Data is stored in Germany and all access is done using SSL Certificates. 

Below is a list of the mail features in our application

  • Container Management (type, lock, Size, Location, Maintenance history, color etc.)
  • Easy import of containers using a pre-made excel sheet
  • Collection Statistics on Day, Week and Month
  • Statistics on each container for city, county, provice and total. Can be exported in PDF and SCV format
  • Container Maintenance overview and separate Routeplan for collection and return repaid containers
  • Warehouse management (kilos in, moved, sold, left in stock )
  • We can integrate most smartbin sensor systems you are already using with system alert if any bin has reached 80% fullness
  • Routeplan aid tools with predefined routes, statistics for last 8 weeks on each container + %full for containers with sensors
  • Routeplan sent to drivers account within the application and when logged on with phone has access to all his routes
  • Routeplan can be made for weeks ahead
  • Add containers add hoax on a route already made when needed
  • Drivers login and see lists of routes
  • Driver starts collection and Routplan guide them through the day from container to container
  • Driver key in estimate collection, add notes of onsite/offsite maintenance is needed, take picture.. all stored in the database
  • Driver deliver at warehouse and have option to correct estimate with exact weight if needed
  • Google Drive Route optimization during collection so it alway goes the fastest and shortest way
  • Administrator can create area manager that can follow collection live, plan routes for their area
  • Administrator can follow all collection live with notices when any collection has been made

Other main benefits

  • Higher productivity by making smarter routplans based on data available for each container within the system
  • Less driving pr. kilo collected and this save fuel
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your collection
  • All tools in one application
  • Easy overview over collection, planning and history

How to get started?

If you want to discuss how SmartBin Collection Suite can help you in your collection, you can contact us for more information. We can give you a walk through of the application using Teamviewer or shared desktop on Skype. We give you a 30days trail with support to get started before you commit. You sign up for 1 year at the time