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Securing your network, data and IT infastructure is getting more and more attention. Data breach can be critical for a business or institution. Karuny has developed a hardware firewall soltion using a Fanless MINI-PC that runs our firewall and Filters. Its build on the recognized PfSense firewall. By purchasing a hardware solution from us, you can also sign up for us to maintain it for your peace of mind. All we need is a few information from your Internet provider and we set it up and ship it to you. On arrival we can set it up remotely with some help from you (not techincal)

You can also pay a small annual fee for us to maintain the firewall for you, so any rule, timecontrol or filters you want to implement, just drop a mail and we do it for you. We are also there if you have internet problems. We troubleshoot with you to confirm if you have local issues or issue is with internet provider. If your internet goes down, we get an alert straight away and maybe even know it before you.

You can read more about the solution developed by Balazs Mester who works in partnership with karuny on the websites link: Safetyproxy.com

Below you can see some core features:

  • Powerfull routing and firewall
  • Firewall/Proxy from SafetyProxy.com with 4 LAN PortsTorrent Blocking that works
  • Antivirus Scan of incomming trafic
  • URL filtering for content
  • Google SafeSearch
  • L7 traffic analysis DPI to trouble shoot issues on your network
  • Open VPN with One-Click setup for users to access your network remotely
  • Nagios Monitoring Server can send alert if servers, printers, network have issues or are down
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Captive Portal Useful for Hotels, or any organisation with an open wifi service
  • Unifi Controller Host We run Unifi Controller on SafetyProxy, for easy access and remote management
    More details about there features you can read here