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Karuny is now offering OwnCloud for your organization/institution to easy share your files in an affordable way. Due to new European Data Protection Laws most solutions complying with this (GDPR) are quite expensive as free versions of Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive does not fully complying with GDPR as they only offer data processing agreements to their business services (as pr. May 2018)

As soon as you go into business plans it starts to get expensive, specially if you are a school that has administraton, staff and students and you want them all to have a place to share their files

This is where our flexible OwnCloud Solution comes handy. Its very flexible and has an easy administrator panel to manage your cloud. We set it up and help you get started.

Our pricing depends on the type of institution your are. 

For most small schools and institutions you only pay for Administration and Staff. Students are FREE*

  • Gone are complicated administration of cloud solution
  • Prices for Staff and Teachers is about 70% cheaper than other cloud solutions
  • Students are free*
  • Personal Support
  • Can also be setup to host your files on a local Network Station physically in your institution of you prefere. This will make your montly expences lower but in return there is a setup fee(one time)

Some features of our OwnCloud

  • Integrated with Zimbra Mail where you from webmail have access to your OwnCloud (your files only)
  • One Click in Zimbra and your OwnCloud Account is created with same username and password as your mail
  • Desktop Client for Windows/MAC that works in the same way as OneDrive and Dropbox
  • Moble Apps available
  • Share files with anyone through sending links on mail
  • Easy setup to selct what should sync to your PC and what is only available in the cloud
  • Site administrator can easy manage access to folder, quotas from their control panel
  • If you dont want data in the cloud it can be stored on a Network Station at your institution (then you are responsible for data)

 * Conditions for using OwnCloud free for students is that the students has a mail on your domain on Zimbra. Also the students should only use their cloud for school related work.


Pictures from Karunys OwnCloud

View of Web Interface


Several Setting Options and Support Most Languages

view settings

Work with Files on your PC and it automatically Syncs to your Cloud Storage


Your Files also available from Zimbra Interface

zimbra integration

How to get started?

Contact us for a chat and we can enable OwnCloud in your Zimbra Webmail for your domain. Then each user can login to their mail and with one click an account is created. Then they download the client, login, deside what to syncronize and they are ready. 
Then you just have to setup your Open Office or Microsoft Office to default save files in your cloud. See Instruction here



We can give you custom made offers based on your circumstances. An example of an offer made to a school in DK:

School with 6 teachers, 4 in Admin and 25 students = 35 users
Teachers and Admin pay 25kr a month pr user and all the 25 students are for free (as long as they use Zimbra mail)
Total price a month: 250kr for OwnCloud and 250kr for email for all students (10kr pr month).
One Login to create account, access to reset all passwords within a very simple admin panel
Total: 500kr pr month for a school where we store your data and take backups and all get school email

OneDrive (cheapest solution with no school mail)
35 users, each 37kr pr.month: 
Total: 1295kr pr. month with no email address (can cause GDPR issues for admin and teachers)

Google Drive 
To be GDPR compliant you should upgrade to one of their busines plans (cheapest around the prices for OneDrive. You can though create free account for students as they might not need to be GDPR compliant (depending on content) however you will have to deal with limited storage so shares between all can be difficult and teachers and administration will for sure use more than the free limite. With this solution its complicated to administrate the users, reset password, expand storage for the once that needs it (need to pay) etc.