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Moodle is a modern an open source e-learning system used world wide to manage courses within companies as well as schools.

Its a flexible platform that makes it easy to create new courses and for students to self enroll.

In Moodle everything is devided into "courses" that studends or workers can sign up for.

Moodle also come with APPS for Android and IOS and also have a Desktop Application for Windows 10

As its an Open Source Platform its constantly developed, new features added and security patches made. All we have to do is to install a server, install moodle and customize it to suite your need.

Karuny offers to build this learning platform for you, make sure its backed up and help you administrate the courses


Who is Moodle good for?MoodleMobile allow you to manage your studies from Phone/Tablet, download tasks offline and sync back when online

There are 3 main groups of users:

  1. Schools who want to manage all learning and progress in one platform
  2. Schools who want to offer distance learning
  3. Companies who need to give mandatory courses or educate their staff with courses

Some key features

  • Responsive website
  • Apps for Android and IOS
  • Multi Lingual Setup
  • Easy Course Management
  • Build in Activities thats easy to customize
  • Good status and progress reports
  • Upload films, audios and pictures from phone to YOUR moodle folder to use in tasks
  • Good forums for class and global once for the school
  • Easy communication between teacher and student with build in message system
  • Create groups for tasks where more are working together
  • ... The list is endless
    You can read more on Moodles own website: www.moodle.org


How can we get started

We have a platform ready for you to use. Just contact us and let us know what you are interested in doing

Depending on how experienced you are with Moodle, you can do all the course creation your self or buy additional services from us where we help you along the way, create all your courses from material handed over to us and even manage the courses for you. Its all up to you and how much help you need