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Our Servers
KARUNY Solution Server are hosted in the Cloud with Amazon. This means on request we can host your website on 3 different continents if having a server local to you is important. At the moment our server is in Frankfurt (Germany) and prices are based on this.

Data Security & Backups
With Karuny Hosting we offer you total control of your backups. Beside we having backups of our servers, we also offer to backup your website to your dropbox account. If you dont have a dropbox accout, we will make one for your. In this way you are in full control of your own backup and can restore your website at an alternative hosting company or your own PC at any time,  to always have a backup running in a different location. Karuny offers you total control of your data and backups.

Karuny have a 24/7 support using our ticket system for any question or issue related to your hosting product. This is included in the hosting price. We aim to reply all customers within 24Hours.
Beside your free built-in support for your hosting product, we also offer support agreement on how we can help running your website. You can read more about our Websupport Products here

We offer 3 Hosting Products:
With most hosting comanies you pay a basic fee and then the rest is up to you. We aknowledge that the word of hosting can be quite challanging if you have no experience, so therefore KARUNY Solutions offers more hosting products to suit your needs. We offer 3 hosting packets so there is something for the experts and also for the once who need some help managing it all



Free Domain and Annual Renewing is for basic .com, .co.uk, .org, .dk, .eu and others in same price range.

Manage Montly Backup. We back up your site every 1st of the month and roll it back for you if your site is having problems

Hacking Garantee.We will help you by rolling back your site to last working version and try to assist you in securing your site if it happens

Mailboxes. Additional Mail Boxes is £1 pr/month.Additional Storage above the 2GB is £0.15 or GB pr/Month.

For NGO the price is $1 and $0.15 pr extra GB pr/Month


Examples to understand MailBox Prices:

  • If you have Hosting Premium with 14 Free Mail Boxes
    You currently have 20 MailBoxes under 2GB
    This means you have 6 additional Mail Boxes
    This will cost you £6 extra pr/month

  • If you have Basic Hosting with 8 Free Mail Boxes
    5 of them are under 2GB in size
    3 of them are up to 3GB each
    This means 3x1GB extra a month = 3GB x £0.5 a month extra pr/month

    IMPORTANT: We will never block your account if you are over the limit but will let you know so You can delete mails or agree to the additional cost. You will pay your original packet at start of contract and any additional usage will be billed annualy

For Mail Customers: We are in 2018 going to offer a FREE Video and Chat Conference Solution for all customers that have mail hosting with KARUNY Solution
Short video about the Chat and Video Conference integration can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4eNl9Afipo