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GDPR Service from Karuny

From the 25th of May 2018, the European Union has implemented a new Data Protection Law. For any institution or company this means that there are a whole set of new rules you have to comply with.

The idea behind the law is to hand the power back to the customer so they at all time know:

  • What data you store on them
  • How long you store the data
  • What you will use the data for
  • Make sure that all your partners you share data with are GDPR compatible and this is documented
  • How to contact you to get information on what data you have on them
  • How to get the data removed if they wish

For you to comply with this new law you would need to set in place internal procedures that:

  • All employees are aware on how they should deal with Peronal Data
  • Internal procedures on how you store, what you store, for what purpouse and for how long
  • Procedures for the registrated partners to get their data removed
  • Procedures for how all your partners you share data with will comply with your data protection policy
  • Procedures for storing data physically and electronically
  • Procedures for informing visitors to your website and thoose who write you about what you do with their data
  • Procedures for breach of data protection
  • All Procedures documented (very Important)
  • Be aware that if your comany is not situated in Europe this STILL APPLY to you if you are dealing with partners or people within the EU.

To implement the above can at first seem like a huge task and it can be hard to figure out where to start and what relevant procedures you would need to document and implement

To help you with this, Karuny can offer help with tasks like:

  • Preparing documentation
  • Answer questions on what you need to do
  • Visit you at your institution to go through the documentation with the responsable
  • Annual inspections to see that you are complying with GDPR

Get in touch if you want to discuss the task ahead of you and how we could help you