Karuny E-learning Platform

Karuny have developed an education portal for schools and institutions who need a platform to deliver online education or qualification courses for your company staff.

The system is based on Moodle, one of the biggest educational community platform on the web. Its highly configurable and can be adapted to nearly any need

The platform has been developed to allow tasks within Self Studies, Courses and Experiences

Apart from a Web Educational Portal, Moodle also has the advantage of a Mobile APP. This same APP can also be used on a standard Windows PC or MAC. This gives the students and teacher an easy overview and it also have the ability to download courses if the participants are not connected to the Internet all the time


What services do we offer?

  • Offer Hosting of your educational program
  • Support in using Moodle
  • Be your Moodle Master (administrator)
  • Build up courses based on Material sent


Some Screenshots

Below you can see some screenshots from the Web Portal and at the end one from the Moodle APP